User Guide (Module Missing Metadata)


Using the extension manager of Joomla! Administrator:

guide missing metadata


Once installed, access to edit through the Module Manager administration (extensions -> module manager -> administrator):

guide missing metadata

Click in Missing Metadata to edit, and display the configuration screen. Select publish and cpanel position, then Save & Close:

guide missingmetadata

You can see if you access to the control panel of Joomla! administrator:

guide missingmetadata

By default shows the last 5 articles, categories and menus, in which we need to write the Meta Description and/or the Meta Keywords.


guide missingmetadata



The number of results you want to display on the module (for example: 5, 10, 15, 20, etc).

Tip: if you choose the number 0 will show all results.


You can choose between displaying the order recently added first, or recently modified first.



guide missingmetadata

Title: shows the titles of the articles, categories and menus, which lack the meta description and/or the meta keys. Clicking on the title, you access the item edit (articles, categories and menus).

Status: indicates the status of the item, if published, unpublished, deleted and archived.

Created: indicates the created date.

Meta Description:
Yes: indicates that you have forgotten to write it.
No: indicates it is written, and thus we have not forgotten us.

Meta Keys:
Yes: indicates that you have forgotten to write them.
No: indicates that they are written, and therefore you have not forgotten.

(Note: if both values ​​are "no" result isn't displayed in the module, as it indicates that we have not forgotten to write).

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